IT Trends in the New Year

IT Trends in the New Year

At the beginning of each new year, we see the prediction of new trends we anticipate for the year, and the IT industry is no different. IT is a world that never stands still, and with significant changes happening all the time, keeping up with the trends can be complex. Managed IT services can help stay ahead of the trends while maintaining best practices for improved resiliency, performance, and uptime while decreasing stress and cost.

Trends From Last Year

Managed IT services have evolved in the last year, and cybersecurity has seen meaningful change and growth. Some trends that emerged from the past year include:

  • AI automation
  • Focus on sustainable and green technologies
  • Significant growth in the cybersecurity industry
  • Adjusting for remote work
  • Zero-trust architecture, including verification, strict access control and continuous monitoring
  • Security: an investment that pays off

As we head into the new year, some trends will continue upward, and some new ones will emerge.

Trends for the Coming Year

Remote Work Solutions are In-Demand

As remote work continues to be an option for employees, it’s crucial to have security support for organizations, which managed IT services are prepared to provide.

The Continued Takeover of Cloud Computing

The multi-billion dollar cloud computing industry is expected to continue its massive growth into the new year. The convenience of cloud computing is undeniable, and more organizations are moving in that direction, which means they need assistance managing such an environment.

Personalized Everything-as-a-Service

As we’re familiar with the managed IT services industry, each organization has unique needs, so customizable solutions are key for many businesses. Tailored approaches are necessary to meet the challenges and needs of each client. The subscription model works for many industries, and we expect it to move into the MSP world through on-demand services. It allows for a bit more flexibility for organizations.

Integrated Security is Necessary

Advanced security measures are necessary now more than ever before. With the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats, managed IT services must include extra protection built into service offerings. Services like firewall management, anti-malware protection, vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, email filtering, and encryption will become standard.

Managed Service Providers Will Adapt

As an extension of your IT team, service providers must constantly innovate, offer better solutions, and grow expertise. Businesses that use managed IT services can optimize their operations, reduce their costs, and be at the forefront of technology changes, making MSPs more valuable.

Security as an In-demand Service

Cyber threats continue to become more frequent and sophisticated, and cybersecurity services will become necessary for all businesses. Cybercrime is expected to cost the world upwards of $10 trillion each year by 2025, so security is more important than ever.

Data Management

Data is a currency that provides invaluable information for businesses that impacts decision-making and their competitive edge. With ongoing growth on a global scale, the importance of data management and analytics will continue to trend upward.

AI Automation

The emergence of AI means higher efficiency, and businesses are always looking for ways to improve that. With the assistance of AI, managed IT services can become a more efficient solution.

Sustainable and Green Technologies

As we saw last year, focusing on sustainability and green technology will continue to be necessary. Many organizations see it as a critical factor in their managed IT services, and we expect that to become more common.

Managed IT Services from Ironclad Tek

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