Frequently Asked Questions

An MSP is a third-party service provider that enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) outsource some or all of their IT management to. The services offered by MSPs vary across service providers, and some specialize in specific IT areas, like cybersecurity. Other MSPs focus on specific industries, like healthcare and finances. IT services offered by MSPs range from cybersecurity to hardware procurement and everything in between. Basically, an MSP is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to having a massive in-house team, so enterprises, big and small, can stand toe to toe with competitors.

An MSP offers the best value when partnering with an existing IT team to support them in meeting business objectives. This can take many forms depending on the challenges a leader faces.

For example, they may have Tier 1 and 2 techs adept at handling known problems. However, you may need expert, architect-level assistance to overhaul and transform your enterprise’s IT infrastructure to remain competitive, productive, and secure. Or an MSP can take on everyday tasks, so a smaller, agile IT team has the time to focus on the bigger picture instead of constantly putting out fires.

Hosted IT services generally include servers, data centres, and IT infrastructure components that are externally located or hosted outside a customer’s premises by a third party. These services are usually hosted by an MSP

Managed IT services are any services surrounding information technology that are provided by a third-party. They can help with your IT infrastructure, equipment, data security, and more. Learn About Our Managed IT Services

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) who invest in public clouds lose the control and security of a private cloud, but private clouds can be challenging and costly to build and manage in-house. You shouldn’t have to choose when there are better options.

By accessing Ironclad Tek’s Hosted Data Centre, you get the scalability and speed of a public cloud with none of the risks.

Ironclad Tek offers multi-tenant, enterprise-level architecture hosted in our secure Tier 3 data centre, so you get the best of both worlds — security and accessibility.

When you invest in our fully managed private cloud, we handle all the monitoring, data security, and hardware and software procurement. In turn, you will get a complete turnkey solution that will enhance productivity, reduce costs, and enable unmatched scalability.

Each company will have their own unique benefits depending on the situation and the personalized services we can offer. In short, you can benefit from outsourcing your IT infrastructure management by gaining more business control; you can go back to what you want to focus on most, whether it be business strategies, scaling, daily tasks, or complex projects. If you would rather work on daily tasks, then we can manage the larger projects, and vice versa. This gives your organization the freedom and flexibility to grow and focus on critical items.

Ironclad Tek has a unique edge because while we mainly focus on offering Tier 3 and 4 support, we still offer traditional help desk services too. While our help desk services aren’t in-house, we work closely with our provider to ensure that you and your business get the personalized support you need. Through our Tier 3 and 4 level support, you get access to expert help when dealing with most complex problems. This means you can stress less, as we will find the solution efficiently, no matter how advanced the issue is.

Our clients span the energy, technology, education, and telecommunications industries. We’re able and willing to take on any client regardless of size or industry. As much as our clients are varied, the quality of service they have come to rely on remains the same.

It doesn’t have to! An MSP can supplement an existing IT department. Managed IT services can give your team access to additional expertise and bandwidth to execute complex projects and drive business outcomes. This gives you back the capacity to focus on supporting your staff in their day-to-day tasks. Or your agile, in-house team can focus on handling big projects and driving business outcomes while we handle the day-to-day requests. It all depends on what type of work your team enjoys and where they would find an extra set of hands the most beneficial.

Together, we can ironclad your IT to support your organization’s security and productivity.

With the transition to remote work and cloud computing, the IT environment’s complexity is becoming exponential. Give your IT team the support they need by making managed IT services a resource they can turn to when needed.