Managed Disaster Recovery Services in Calgary

Resume mission-critical functions quickly, reduce downtime, and ensure business continuity

Consider the thousands of information, files, emails, and data that make up your organization’s intellectual property. Now consider the true cost of losing this data, including recovery costs, loss of revenue, loss of end-user productivity, Legal and Regulatory complications, and reputational damage.

Our Managed Disaster Recovery (DR) service mitigates the negative impacts of a disaster and allows your organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions for immediate business needs. Ironclad protects against anything that puts your organization’s operations and IT infrastructure at risk, including cyber-attacks, power failures, and natural disasters.

Benefits of Managed Disaster Recovery

In our digital age, data threats are real. Operating with no protection is not an option. DR is a fundamental component of business assurance.


A sound DR strategy allows you to recover your data quickly, protect sensitive information, and continue operations.


Unlike self-managed or traditional DR, managed DR eliminates the need to invest in a separate data centre and equipment.


Your data is replicated off-site to provide an extra layer of protection and rapid recovery., ensuring the ultimate survivability.


With a managed DR strategy, your internal IT team can focus on core operations. We provide enterprise-level management and consulting.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Professional Support & Guidance

We offer on-demand disaster recovery plans that include policy, infrastructure, testing, and management to safeguard your data.

Internally-managed DR can be an expensive and risky option because it requires your IT staff to continuously execute your DR strategy and ensure its solidity. This approach requires duplicate data centres, physical servers, additional hardware and software, and maintenance costs. Another factor to take into consideration is the cost of hiring and training a new DR expert during staff turnover.

By outsourcing fully-managed DR solutions, your IT team can focus on core operations and on-demand support for your organization. At Ironclad Tek, we become an extension of your IT team, freeing up their time to focus on value-creation activities.