Managed IT Solutions for Educational Institutions

Protection of research, student data, financial records, and private information has never been more critical.

Online and in-person schools, like digital classrooms and post-secondary institutions, are often common targets of cyber threats. Much like accessing educational content online from anywhere, campus-based learning with an extensive IT infrastructure can have vulnerabilities that attract threats. As an online or in-person education provider, you host a wealth of sensitive information that can be the target of cyber attacks, and managing this infrastructure can be challenging.

Managed IT services can be a cost-effective solution offering improved efficiency and enhanced security. Many education providers lack the resources for proper IT services, so outsourcing to a service provider like Ironclad TEK means you have tailored services that meet your budgetary requirements. Protecting students’ information and private data is critical for any online education provider.

IT Solutions for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can mitigate cyber threats with a proactive team with the expertise to maintain strict protocols and provide efficient strategies for keeping everyone safe.

Managed Server Solutions in Calgary

Strategic Support & Guidance

We become your trusted advisor, operating as an extension of your existing IT team.

Real solutions start with the client. A coordinated and collaborative approach allows us to mitigate risks and control costs throughout your entire IT infrastructure. Our highly trained team is capable of virtual CIO-level consulting while providing SME-level management support. At Ironclad Tek, we provide the tools, knowledge, and resources to help you move your business forward.