Managed IT services for the Energy: Oil & Gas industry

Focus on what you do best while your managed IT services are delivered seamlessly in the background.

Operations in oil and gas require stable, secure, and reliable IT services. Designing and maintaining IT infrastructure can be challenging for the energy industry because companies must integrate all their departments – like exploration, production, administration, and security- into one easy-to-manage system. Without the help of a seasoned IT department, this can be a massive undertaking for businesses that urgently need security services.

Partnering with Ironclad TEK means your organization will have access to high-performing managed IT services designed for your needs. With our proactive approach, you’ll never have to worry about your systems being vulnerable or losing access. We actively monitor and protect the integrity of your network and data, ensuring your IT environment is always secure and protected.

IT Solutions for Oil & Gas

Protect your software, systems, and assets with our impressive solutions. With our proven history and decades of experience, we’re here to help with all your IT needs.

Managed Server Solutions in Calgary

Strategic Support & Guidance

We become your trusted advisor, operating as an extension of your existing IT team.

Real solutions start with the client. A coordinated and collaborative approach allows us to mitigate risks and control costs throughout your entire IT infrastructure. Our highly trained team is capable of virtual CIO-level consulting while providing SME-level management support. At Ironclad Tek, we provide the tools, knowledge, and resources to help you move your business forward.