IT Services for Tech Companies

Effective security solutions for technology companies serving every business sector around the world.

Tech companies touch all areas of business, from manufacturing and eCommerce to lawyers and accountants. If a breach happens, anyone associated with your tech company might be affected. As more companies move to automate services and work digitally, the need for improved protection increases substantially. Cyber attacks are used to gain access and take sensitive information to commit fraud.

Many of these attacks can be prevented with a proactive approach to maintenance, patching, and staff education. Since one phishing email that installs ransomware can take down a company in minutes, utilizing managed IT or SOC services can prevent disaster and protect your greatest assets. Our strategic solutions are designed to fit your business, so you never have to worry about your IT – it just works.

IT Solutions for Tech Companies

Protect your tech company with Ironclad TEK’s managed IT services. We’re your trusted partner in safeguarding your business from risk.

Managed Server Solutions in Calgary

Strategic Support & Guidance

We become your trusted advisor, operating as an extension of your existing IT team.

Real solutions start with the client. A coordinated and collaborative approach allows us to mitigate risks and control costs throughout your entire IT infrastructure. Our highly trained team is capable of virtual CIO-level consulting while providing SME-level management support. At Ironclad Tek, we provide the tools, knowledge, and resources to help you move your business forward.