SOC Services in Calgary

Our SOC service is powered by Arctic Wolf, an industry-leading security service provider.

As our digital world continues to evolve, so do the threats that businesses face daily. To address these security risks and protect your enterprise effectively, Ironclad TEK offers a comprehensive Security Operations Centre (SOC) service. Together, we offer 24/7 protection, ensuring that your business is always safe, secure, and operational.

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a central hub dedicated to preventing, detecting, assessing, and responding to cybersecurity threats. It is equipped with a team of security analysts who continuously monitor and improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture, making it impenetrable to potential threats.

The Ironclad TEK Advantage

When you choose Ironclad TEK for your SOC services, you’re not just getting a security service – you’re getting a partner who is dedicated to your company’s overall cybersecurity health.



Our highly-trained staff are experts in cybersecurity. We are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to handle any security situation, from everyday issues to high-level threats.



Our SOC services are available around the clock. This ensures constant vigilance, meaning potential threats can be identified and addressed before they become serious issues.



With our prompt response times, you can be assured that security threats are identified and resolved as quickly as possible, avoiding business interruptions.



You can be confident that your organization meets all necessary industry and governmental cybersecurity regulations.

Security operations center in Calgary

Why We Partnered with Arctic Wolf for SOC Services

Ironclad TEK offers best-in-class IT solutions for your cybersecurity needs, which is why we partnered with Arctic Wolf for SOC services. With Arctic Wolf’s SOC, you benefit from:

Arctic Wolf uses AI-based technology to detect potential threats in real-time.

Arctic Wolf’s SOC not only identifies threats but helps you understand and manage your risk factors.

Arctic Wolf provides regular, detailed reports so you can understand your cybersecurity posture and make informed decisions.

Arctic Wolf’s solutions grow with your business. As you expand, your security measures will too, without the need for constant upgrades or service changes.


Partner with Ironclad TEK for your SOC Needs

Our team of experts understands the complexities and challenges of maintaining robust cybersecurity in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

With Ironclad TEK managing your SOC services, you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Leave the cybersecurity to us, and gain peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are in safe hands.

Choosing Ironclad TEK for your SOC services means choosing security, reliability, and peace of mind. Let our professionals manage your cybersecurity so that you can focus on your core business.



All Ironclad TEK Managed IT Services and IT Solutions have simple, predictable pricing based on consistent inputs such as users, servers, and network egress points.

Ironclad TEK uses Arctic Wolf to provide SOC and security operations solutions. Unlike other vendors, who focus on delivering and managing a security tool for their customers, Arctic Wolf solutions deliver actionable security operations outcomes, whether that’s 24/7 alerting, targeted remediation, or strategic guidance. We’re there for every step of your security journey.

The cybersecurity industry has spent decades developing generation after generation of increasingly sophisticated and more powerful point products, and IT teams have worked equally hard to acquire, adopt, and implement those tools. But the scope of cybercrime continues to grow. When we look at major breaches and cybersecurity incidents, we typically observe that the businesses had sufficient tools in place to prevent or detect the breach—but attacks happened anyway. Why does that happen? It’s because the gap in cybersecurity today is not a tools problem, it’s an operational gap, and Arctic Wolf is the market leader in security operations.

It depends on which security operations challenges you are facing, but Arctic Wolf reports that typical organizations have experienced an ROI of 411% after adopting Arctic Wolf’s security operations solutions. Arctic Wolf provides an ROI Calculator to discover more.

Yes. Ironclad TEK’s security solutions follow the required compliance frameworks (such as PCI, HIPAA, or NIST). Our SOC team will provide standard and custom support and additional work to support audit and compliance reporting.

It depends on your timeline and priorities. Some security solutions can be made available in minutes or hours. Rapid deployment of other solutions can be completed within a week, if necessary, or can occur over a longer timeline. If you are responding to a current threat, please contact our team immediately.