Professional Managed IT Services in Calgary

How Ironclad Tek’s Managed IT Services Can Help You

We provide tools, knowledge and resources to help you move your business forward.

A managed service provider will keep the lights on, and handle the day-to-day management of your environment. Your Internal IT resources can then focus on value creation activity, like running the applications that are critical to meeting business objectives. Ironclad Managed Service goes a step further. We do more than keep the lights on – we consult on best practices, design, architecture, and provide top-level skill and experience.

Our Managed IT Services Include:

Key Benefits Of Ironclad Managed Service


Ironclad’s team has decades of combined experience running corporate Infrastructure. Often, it is difficult to find or retain this skill which poses a business risk for an organization.


24/7 monitoring and coverage with critical alert response. We work with you to define critical alerts and responses.


Regular patching/maintenance is included and always up to date.


We provide support for road mapping and budgeting in order to plan for what’s needed to move your business forward.


Ironclad uses a team approach to provide managed services, which decreases reliance on a single person. Many organizations have a lot invested in certain individuals, which poses a business risk.


Avoid the costs to rehire/replace resources as they leave.


Ironclad follows a client’s guidelines for change management or we recommend a best practice policy if a client doesn’t have one.


Regular and actionable visibility and reporting on service metrics.


We provide consultation on policy and guidelines for IT best practices, based on our experience and established best practices.


Managed Service will provide better value for cost when compared with adding internal resources.

Managed IT Services

Ironclad Managed Network Services is a customizable way to manage critical IT infrastructure.

We perform monitoring and alert escalations and other managed services activities such as break/fix, maintenance patching, and performance/capacity tuning. Services also include incident, change, problem, knowledge, and major incident management. We operate as an extension of your internal IT team, offering assistance with strategic planning, design, and road mapping. Our core objectives are to increase resiliency, performance, and uptime for your corporate networks, enabling you to focus on your business.

White-Glove Onboarding

Minimize complexity and time with a white-glove deployment engagement.

Continuous Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring for endpoints, networks, and cloud environments by a dedicated team.

Proactive Response

Remediation, resolution, and validation that tickets have been successfully resolved. Monthly ongoing network operations activities to prevent issues or security vulnerabilities.

Named Experts

Trusted advisors with years of expertise operate as (or an extension of) your existing IT team. These named experts are backed by our 24/7 NOC and support team.

Strategic Guidance

We become your partner, working with you to make recommendations that improve your network and harden your security posture over time.

Vendor Management

We manage your support contracts and renewals. And interface with third parties as required in order to roadmap and manage your network.

Realtime network analytics

Regular and actionable visibility and reporting on service metrics.

Managed IT Disaster Recovery in Calgary

Worry-Free IT

We take the worry out of IT.

We start by assessing your needs, budget, capacity, and current challenges. By drawing on your requirements and our extensive experience, partner network, and knowledge of the best-of-breed equipment and software, we design a solution that best fits your environment. We use strategic planning to anticipate future needs but apply a pay-as-you-grow philosophy, so you always have the best services for your current IT needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Managed IT Services include a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to increase resiliency, performance, and uptime while decreasing stress and costs. Our services include 24/7 monitoring and response, regular patching and maintenance, consulting on design and architecture, real-time network analytics, and process improvement. We also handle incident, change, problem, knowledge, and major incident management, offering support for strategic planning, design, and road mapping.

While Ironclad TEK offers extensive managed IT services, specific exclusions can depend on the individual service agreement. Out-of-scope tasks typically include hardware purchases, third-party software licensing, or non-standard service requests. Detailed exclusions are outlined in the service level agreement customized for each client.

Ironclad TEK provides 24/7 monitoring and response with critical alert management. Response times are designed to be immediate for urgent issues, ensuring that critical alerts are addressed promptly to minimize downtime and maintain operational efficiency.

The cost of Managed IT Services from Ironclad TEK varies based on the specific needs and scale of your business. Our services are designed to provide better value compared to adding internal resources. For an accurate quote, we offer no-obligation consultations to assess your requirements and provide a tailored estimate.

IT downtime can result in significant costs to a business. Depending on the size of your company, it could cost anywhere from $19,000 daily to $1 million per hour for Fortune 500 companies. Taking a proactive approach can help eliminate downtime and the associated costs.

Our team ensures data protection through continuous monitoring, regular maintenance, and implementing best practices in IT security. Our proactive approach includes:

  • Consulting on design and architecture to enhance security.
  • Managing critical alerts.
  • Providing strategic guidance to harden your security posture over time.
  • Proactive IT monitoring benefits businesses by preventing issues before they become significant problems, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced system performance. We can quickly address and resolve potential threats by continuously monitoring your IT environment, leading to increased reliability and efficiency.

    Managed IT services involve ongoing, proactive management of your IT environment, including continuous monitoring, maintenance, and support to prevent issues before they arise. On the other hand, break-fix support is reactive, addressing problems only after they occur. Managed IT services aim to consistently improve performance and uptime while break-fix support handles issues as needed.

    Ironclad TEK assists with IT compliance requirements by ensuring your systems meet local and industry-specific regulations. We provide expert guidance on compliance matters, help implement necessary controls and procedures, and maintain documentation and reporting to support your compliance efforts, minimizing the risk of regulatory fines and enhancing your overall security posture.