Managed Data Protection in Calgary

At Ironclad Tek, we provide backup software, storage, and management resources for a truly turnkey solution.

Consider all of the proprietary data that your business creates; thousands of emails, contacts, documents, and records are created and stored on computer hard drives and corporate servers. Now consider that all of this data collectively make up the intellectual property of your business and represent perhaps your most valuable asset. How would a loss of data affect the continuity of your business?

All of these threats are real, and the impact of data loss could be significant and costly, highlighting how crucial and invaluable a backup strategy is to your organization. A reliable data backup solution prevents data loss, protects your data against sprawls and breaches, and ensures data recovery and restoration when needed.

Benefits of BaaS

In our data-driven world, a plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential.


Backups are stored in secure air-gapped storage locations that provide best-of-breed performance, security, and value.


Data is archived and stored for ultimate survivability, allowing you to easily restore your data when needed.


Whether you only need backup software or a fully managed solution, our services are flexible, customizable, and agile.


Automatic and seamless backups performed at regular intervals, based on best practices, prevent data loss and give you peace of mind.

Backup as a Service in Calgary

Exceptional Support & Expertise

Whether you need hosted services, a fully managed solution, or something in between, we customize a plan to meet your needs.

Our BaaS provides a secure system for the backup, storage, and recovery of your mission-critical data and intellectual property. Our automatic and reliable remote backup service collects, encrypts, and transfers the data to our remote backup servers, ensuring you have accessible copies of your data should something damage your hardware.

Your data is backed up off-site, away from your office, safe from theft, fire, and other disasters, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected and can be recovered quickly.