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Ironclad TEK

IronCloud Hosted Services delivers secure, reliable, scalable and cost effective cloud solutions.

Ironclad TEK offers a price-competitive, scalable and fully managed Private Cloud offering, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ironcloud Hosted Services: consists of cloud or hosted services provided over Ironclad owned software and hardware to provide a complete turnkey and fully scalable solution.


Email and other applications are crucial to your business and Ironclad TEK (ICT) offers a reliable, redundant and enterprise-grade hosting service to ensure consistent up time. ICT will host and manage the infrastructure in a Tier 3 Data Center environment. Our monitoring services will ensure the availability and performance of your web applications. With ICT hosting we take care of any necessary hardware, software, licenses, daily data backups and ensure your security posture is up to date with firewalls, antispam, and the ability to catch malicious viruses and malware.

Our service offers you the speed and space you require while offering room to grow. ICT Hosting also offers Remote-access VPNs to allow secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet. Secure remote access allows you to cost-effectively extend the reach of your network to provide flexibility and enhanced productivity. From fully hosted virtual environments to purpose-built application hosting, we welcome the opportunity to meet your business requirements.


Ironclad TEK Hosting Services
Ironcloud Managed IT Services - Ironclad TEK


Infrastructure that scales with you

Today’s IT must be fluid, scalable, instant, always-on, and available anywhere. Ironclad’s Hosted Data Centre service delivers a solution that meets these needs. Your IT can scale quickly as your business requires, with speed and agility for a pay-as-you-grow investment. Enjoy the reliability of Enterprise-class architecture that is available everywhere you do business. Best of all, you have the Ironclad team to make the migration into the cloud easy. Our cloud solutions are powered by people. Ironclad’s Hosted Data Centre solution runs on secure, multi-tenant architecture, offering the efficiency and agility that today’s businesses demand from their IT.

Benefits of Ironcloud
Hosted Data Centre include:


Get Automatic and Secure Backup, Storage and Recovery of Your Intellectual Property

Consider all of the proprietary data that your business creates; thousands of emails, contacts, documents, and records are created and stored on computer hard drives and corporate servers. Now consider that all of this data, collectively make up the intellectual property of your business, and represent perhaps your most valuable asset. What happens if there is an equipment failure, a theft or other viable threat, such as flooding, fire, or power interruption, etc.? How would a loss of data affect the continuity of your business? All of these threats are real and the impact of data loss could be significant and costly to an organization. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential.

Our Hosted Backup service provides a secure system for the backup, storage and recovery of your mission-critical files and intellectual property. Our automatic and reliable remote backup service collects, encrypts, and transfers the data to our remote backup servers ensuring you have accessible copies of your data should something damage your hardware. Your important data is securely transmitted over the Internet and stored on a server in our state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centre. The data is backed up off-site, away from your office, safe from theft, fire, and other disasters.

Why Ironcloud Hosted Back-up?

Managed IT Services - Ironclad TEK
Data Management and Hosting - Ironclad TEK


Maintain availability for mission critical applications and functions through Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery Service

Your business cannot function without many of the IT systems your business uses. These systems are even more critical during a time of disaster. Consider the cost to your business in lost productivity, or the risk in a break in continuity, and the need for highly available IT infrastructure will become crystal clear.

Our Hosted Disaster Recovery (DR) service mitigates the negative impacts of a disaster and allows your organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions for immediate business needs. Ironcloud protects against anything that puts your organization’s operations and IT infrastructure at risk – cyber-attacks, power failures and natural disasters.

We start with developing a disaster recovery plan that is tailored to your business, and leverages our state-of-the-art data centre and enterprise-class infrastructure to protect your business critical systems and applications so your business can continue to function in any environment.

IT systems require power, hardware, software, data and connectivity. Hosted DR anticipates the loss of one or more of these elements to ensure availability. Our reliable, enterprise-class DR service reduces the complexity of daily management and results in better operational asset utilization.

Benefits of Ironcloud
Hosted Disaster Recovery (DR):