IRONHIVE: The Premise-Based Cloud

What if a company could migrate some of their IT applications into the cloud and realize cost savings, but still have the security and performance of a private, on-premise IT environment?

What if that company had access to their mission-critical data and applications anywhere, anytime?

What if building owners could offer a full, turn-key IT offering to new and existing tenants in select buildings.

Ironhive can deliver on all of these promises and more.


What is Ironhive?

Ironhive is new service from Ironclad TEK, that combines IT and Telecom to form an innovative ICT (telecom + IT) offering for Multi-tenant buildings in Calgary.

As Ironhive expands to more buildings, Ironhive will automatically back-up between buildings, creating a hive of mini-distributed data centres that would eventually become indestructible as a combined entity.

Each individual Ironhive location features: dual Internet providers with managed failover, emergency power, and multi-tenant server/storage/security hardware. Ironclad will provide managed corporate IT infrastructure, desktop support, Fibre-optic high-speed Internet access, and telephone services to provide an end-to-end ICT (Telecom + IT) solution for clients who wish to buy it.


Benefits of Ironhive Services

Modular/scalable: Clients can buy any components of our ICT offering depending on their needs and capability.

Flexible: Clients with existing IT hardware, can collocate their hardware in our utility room or choose to move services and applications into our private cloud.

Enterprise Hardware: Hardware and infrastructure are enterprise-grade, best in class. Get big-company IT for small-company prices.

Managed/turn key: Complete managed IT available, end-to-end. New clients/tenants can opt for full white-glove service (Cpus and phones on the desk and ready to use when they move in)

Secure:  Most companies want the cost-savings of the cloud but worry about security. Our offering combines the best of both worlds. Private infrastructure for each building, that’s shared based on workloads.

Premise Cloud: Get premise-based performance at a cloud infrastructure price.


Request Ironhive

To make your building an Ironhive location, please contact us or fill out our request form.