IRONCLAD: Managed IT Services

At Ironclad TEK, we focus on core IT infrastructure. 

Founded in 2005, we have a long history of providing managed services focusing on: Network, Security, Server, Storage and Virtualization.  We believe, that by being true integrators, we can bring an understanding of the entire IT foundation.  To find our level of breadth and skill, clients would usually have to deal with very large service providers.  Those companies tend to come with sizeable overhead and are not as flexible or nimble as we are.  We often provide mentorship or assistance in procurement, consulting, and architecture across all of the previously listed disciplines, as well as ongoing operational support.  With our Hosted IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform, we are now delivering large-scale enterprise high availability Hybrid and Private Cloud solutions to our clients at a very affordable cost.


Managed Services (IT)

Our clients look to Ironclad to manage either a portion or their IT entire environment. We can do this as a project-based service or as an ongoing service contract. We approach Managed Services with a "win together" spirit. With the integral role that IT plays in supporting business strategy, we are an important proponent in the success of our clients. Ironclad Managed Services do not need to replace Internal IT, often we manage underlying infrastructure and desktop support while internal IT is freed up to focus on running applications that help drive the business forward. 

We monitor Workstations, Servers, Storage, Networking and other core technology systems, identifying and resolving most issues before they become apparent to the business. We believe that IT is working the way it should be when it is invisible to the user. 

Some Managed Services we are delivering to enterprise clients include:

  • Managed Global Network Operations
  • Managed Virtualization
  • Managed Server/Storage


Professional Services

Professional consulting services that meet the performance needs of the most advanced and demanding enterprise networks. Our customers receive an end to end approach in designing, building and managing a reliable IT infrastructure capable of meeting the dynamic needs of their businesses.

Customers rely on Ironclad TEK's consulting services to make informed decisions when architecting networks and data centers, planning network capacity and growth, streamlining network resources, troubleshooting problems, improving staff effectiveness, and delivering service excellence to end users. Ironclad TEK's technical experts are highly trained with extensive experience in designing and deploying "best of breed" networks. With a service delivery framework coupled with customized monitoring service, ensure client infrastructure is dependable and compliant with industry best practices.

Ironclad TEK infrastructure architects and engineers are highly trained with extensive experience in designing complex Enterprise networks. They are entrusted with their critical network components from Disaster Recovery design, network security and implementation to network core redesign.

The most technically experienced team of architects is available to design the core network infrastructure. Encompassing resiliency, security, simplicity, potential for growth, optimization and providing on-going recommendations and design support.

By working with a solutions provider that delivers an end-to-end solution, clients can turn to one source for all aspects of the solution-including the system hardware, network management, delivery and integration of operational data. The quality of your partner will determine the quality of your experience.

Some projects we've helped clients with include:

  • IT Roadmapping
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Data Centre/Office Moves
  • IT Audit: Network, Server, Storage Optimization


Procurement Support

Hardware Procurement:

Buying network equipment is often seen as an onerous task especially when hardware failure or a capacity issue makes it necessary. A better approach is to emphasize it as the opportunity to improve your organization's responsiveness.

Ironclad TEK ensures that you're looking at next-generation networking equipment that can give you an "edge" having a device that meets more than one requirement saves on the capital outlay. In a tough business environment where large corporations dominate the playing field, small-scale enterprises and companies need to maintain a competitive edge. When they need to build a network, they need IT equipment that provides reliable performance but will not strain their budgets. Tighter budgets mean enterprises need to make the smartest purchasing decisions possible.

Your business also needs to consider product warranties and customer support when looking for a provider of network equipment. With the right provider of hardware solutions, businesses can build a reliable IT network without straining their budgets. A quick delivery service, competitive pricing and order tracking service is always a must.

Ironclad TEK has secured strong and trusting relationships with the best of breed hardware manufacturers. We believe that when purchasing network equipment and support contracts that these established relationships are crucial. Ironclad Tek has the contacts and resources necessary to ensure that any event encountered by our customers will be navigated and processed effectively and efficiently.

Software Licensing

Most companies overspend on software. Anyone can sell you licencing, Ironclad takes the approach to help you buy fewer licenses. Through consultative license management, we have helped clients optimize overall software spend. In addition, we ensure our clients are fully compliant with vendor software licensing rules, which ensures the integrity of your valuable data and applications. 


Support Services & Solutions

Our infrastructure architects are highly trained, with extensive experience in designing complex enterprise networks. We will work with you to understand the business requirements that drive your network infrastructure design decisions. We will analyze your current network environment, architecture, and performance to determine any changes necessary to minimize your operating costs and risks and increase your overall network efficiency.

We will develop network infrastructure design options that balance the requirements of business drivers, industry best practices, and your end users and applications needs, as well as traffic and performance requirements. Moreover, we will take into consideration the latest technology and standards, and transform your business needs into reliable network functionality.